300-Hour Cultivating Presence:

Advanced Therapeutics and Metta Infused Yoga 

Experiential Anatomy, Fascia in Asana, Injuries and Concerns of the Spine and more

with Samantha Akers E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, CMT, MFRT

Join Samantha Akers, C-IAYT, ERYT500, CMT, MFRT, for this fun, in-depth and radical training in holistic applications of yoga for EVERY body.  This 300-hour training is perfect for those teachers that are interested in taking their yoga practice a step further, into the world of “experimental anatomy and alignment”, fascia in asana, teaching special conditions, underserved groups and those with specific injuries/concerns of the spine.  You will develop eyes to see mis-alignments and learn how to skillfully support growth and change, work with a trauma informed heart to support the nervous system through Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga as well as how to infuse Metta and Mindfulness into classes, one on one sessions and in your own daily lives.


Sam teaches from the lens of Buddhist practices. She also incorporates secular mindfulness techniques and talks with Rick Hansen and Kelly McGonigal.  When it comes to meditation practices, she feels it is important to find the “map” or the way that works for you, and there is no one way.  She uses the Theravada Buddhist map as it works skillfully to help us build the Wisdom aspects of practice while Metta grows Compassion and non-violence, in the heart.  There will be meditation each morning, Dharma talks and discussions, on the many ways that practices, not specifically Buddhism, can be helpful for trauma, depression, and anxiety.

There will be partner work, one on one and group teaching, classroom observation and trainees will attend classes with Sam at Om Shala.  Because we all learn in different ways, this training offers different ways to practice, absorb and embody the teachings.  Sam loves to get creative with learning! Please also note that there will be some fluidity in the weekends, based on questions and flow that naturally occurs.

Sam is passionate about sharing knowledge, laughter, and love.  She feels it is vital that we begin to connect on deeper levels, with one another.  To begin to see the truth of how we can be helpful and supportive through Compassion and the Wisdom of getting to know the body.  In this way, we can aid in the release of some suffering. Her interest in offering her 300-hour program is that teachers will be able to go out into the world and offer students and clients a WHOLE system of working with, seeing, and growing kindness for all parts of themselves.

Weekend Training Modules begin April 26

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$3,250 (early bird) if deposit is paid by 2/13/19. Full Amount Due April 26, 2019.

Full price after early bird $3,450

Payment plans available

“I was driven to enroll in Samantha’s Restorative Teacher Training after only one class with her. Her curriculum is very thorough, you learn how to accommodate postures for various injuries or mild disabilities. This gives you an advantage when teaching a group class and helps you to further design therapeutic programs for your clients. Her passion and knowledge about restorative yoga and breathing techniques shine through in her teaching style. This training has influenced my teaching style tremendously. Whether you want to continue and teach or enhance your understanding of RY, this training will educate, enlighten and empower you on your yoga journey. I consider Samantha a mentor and plan on continued trainings at TheraYoga!”

– Adina Schwartz, OTR/L, RYT

"I thought I knew what yoga was. I was so wrong. Sam helped me understand that there was a different way, a deeper practice, and I profoundly and completely recommend her teaching to anyone who can feel the path stretching before them. Who feel that little flicker of the divine beat a steady tattoo in their heart space. If you are looking to hone that heart to see what lies at the center, this practice is your knife. And the journey is so indescribably worth it's while. With a whole heart I invite you on the first steps and recommend without reservation Samantha Akers." 

– Jack K


I have always felt that every yoga class with Samantha Akers is like a mini teacher training and/or workshop. I have been a student of hers for almost two years and I highly respect her teaching, which was what prompted me to do her Yin Yoga Training. She differentiates Yin from Restorative Yoga and critiques her own teachers on how they misrepresent poses for the average practitioner. Sam brings a calm, approachable, and informative teaching to her training. She is very knowledgeable in the body and does a great job breaking down concepts that I would otherwise be lost and confused within translation. I like how Sam not only critiques the images that are presented to yogis, but also explains why it is harmful to practitioners, as well as providing an alternative to fit individual needs.   


-Joe RYT200

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“I have had the most healing and informative 3 day training. The lecturing was always interesting and applicable to my current life situations. Sam was very adept at meeting the participants limitations, and especially helped me rise above certain physical and emotional issues. The after-training instructions are succinct with ongoing in and out of classroom support continues to enrich my current yoga practice.” – Basia Haridass Tacik, MaEd.