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Developing Authenticity & Intuition through Mind-Body Connection

Developing Authenticity & Intuition through Mind-Body Connection.

Lead Trainer: Jess Trudeau

Note: Full 200 hour program participants will also meet Friday evening 5:30-8:30pm and meet for a Saturday Morning Session 8am-12pm during this weekend.

Authenticity and intuition stem from developing greater awareness of ourselves. Understanding we are diverse creatures with many qualities, not just our physical selves but our mental, intellectual, and deeper wisdom selves will help guide us into greater understanding and a more integral approach to our practice of yoga. In this weekend workshop, Jess Trudeau leads us deeper into self-awareness so that we can share our authentic gifts with more confidence and clarity.

Pathways to authenticity and intuition:

  • Deeply listening… coming to the core expression of how we ultimately want to FEEL.

  • Setting ourselves up structurally and sequentially so that we can set ourselves free. (You can check out more in Jess’s upcoming Creative Sequencing workshop March 7-8).

  • Understanding the directional and layered elements of our inherent and subtle anatomy.

Saturday January 25 1pm-5:00pm :

Subtle Anatomy and Layers of the Self. 

Explore the mind-body connection from a traditional yogic perspective. Take steps toward becoming embodied by exploring the subtle energy of yoga and directional pulls inherent within the body. Approach and digest the teaching of sarira traya: the doctrine of the three bodies, investigate the pancha maya koshic layers of self, the three qualities of the gunas, and how the prana vayus travel through the nadhi system to assist us in energetic guidance.

By investigating these deeper layers of self, students begin to engage in movement from it’s origin; lending to a more innate and intuitive approach to the physical asana practice which in turn will help marry a deeper mind-body connection.

This workshop will be part lecture, part interactive learning experience, and part physical movement techniques so that students may apply and practice investigating the qualities highlighted within their own bodies.

Feel free to also join Jess on Sunday 10:30-12 optional applied techniques Vinyasa class

Sunday January 26: 1pm-5:00pm:

Find Voice, Develop Intuition & Craft a Home Practice. 

Ever have a teacher tell you, “Listen to your body, it knows what’s best?” But how do we in fact, develop intuition? Join Jess as she explores the qualities behind authentic living. Dig into the WHY behind your yoga, gain skills to implement a daily sadhana practice, and explore your own personal dynamic evolutionary process.

 Learn how to establish and uphold a non-coercive relationship to yourself; befriend your body by how you place, act, and speak to it. Explore the topics of how your practice can have practical applications in your life, how to develop the ability to listen intuitively, and be safe with yourself- ultimately discovering the roots of what the union of Yoga means for you.

We’ll be taking a look at the state of our minds by introducing the 5 vrittis outlined in the yoga sutras and the 5 kleshas that keep us trapped in ignorance-or avidya- and restricts us from realizing our potential as well as how to transform these perceived obstacles as fuel for our inner fire-tapas, purpose-dharma, and add essence-rasa to our process of personal evolution.

 Included will be creative writing exercises, cleansing kriyas and pranayama, energetic mantras for tapping into voice, tips for clear communication and an intelligently sequenced asana practice to develop qualities that will encourage you to make yourself your best teacher.