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Traditional Vinyasa and Surya Namaskar Weekend

Lead Trainers: Kelly O’Roke and Joey Paz

Weekend workshop will include a special Friday evening session open to full program participants and the general public.

Friday Session 5:30pm-10pm

Includes a presentation on the history of modern yoga since Krishnamacharya (Early 20th Century-Present) as well as the theory of set sequences and an overview of prominent traditional lineages still being practiced. This special extended session also includes a screening of the documentary film “Mysore Yoga Traditions” with Q&A and vegetarian potluck.

5:30pm-6:30pm Lecture

7pm-10pm: Film and Discussion

Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm with Optional Mysore Style Practice 8am-10am.

Saturday Session:

Ancient Wisdom, Ritual and Modern Practice

Introduction to history and practice of traditional surya namaskar, including count and mantra; Theory and practice of Ujayii pranayama; The standing and finishing sequences of modern Ashtanga Yoga and how to modify this type of practice for different needs. Theory and history of using set sequences to change long-standing patterns, and obtain direct experiential knowledge of the workings of the individual’s body, as well as what to do with that knowledge once we get it.

Sunday Session:

Journey into Breath: Creating a focused, breath-centered practice for yourself and your students.

Brief introduction to Koshas (layers) and Vayus (winds) of the body and why breath matters. Beginning seated pranayama and individual instruction in building your pranayama practice. The basics of leading and demonstrating breath in a group setting. Learning to give important cues on physical postures without disrupting the breathing practice of your students. The importance of silence and “cue rest” in the class room. Adjustments with awareness of your students’ breathing.