Celebrating Winter Solstice and the Climb Toward the Light

Image from “The Root Children” a beautiful children’s book about the cycles of the earth.

Today, December 21, marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and a turning point. We celebrate the solstice as the bringer of hope, the return of the light. Each day following will gather more and more daylight, as the darkness recedes into spring and summer days, encouraging what sleeps below ground, to stir and grow toward what it will become.

The solstice to me represents moving through the low points, that perhaps can feel like the final grave that we will never escape from. Yet, in yogic philosophy there is no finality, save consciousness itself, the light of consciousness (the light by which we see) is the only eternal truth, the only thing which does not change: everything else is moving, swinging, changing and evolving.

It is this fundamental, dynamic principle that brings hope into our hearts at this time of year. We will heal from our lover’s departure. We will recover from financial ruin and fear. Our Vitamin D levels will normalize! We will dig in warming black soil soon and we will lay on the banks of the blazing, mighty Trinity again. We can depend on the cycles of the earth, the moon, the stars and the energies within our own bodies to change and move and swing, and within these cycles are innumerable opportunities to feel gratitude for the gift of life, and of death.

We take this day to pause and remember that the cause of our suffering is the fear, or wish that something we are experiencing now, will last forever. The shortest day of the year reminds us that it will not, and with this brings great relief, hope and also great appreciation, the treasuring of what is precious and so fleeting.

I encourage you all to take even a small moment, light a candle, look toward the sun and whisper thanks, hug your loved ones a little tighter and breath the sigh of relief that your roots are stirring, that something new will bloom— and soon. When we acknowledge the dynamic nature of all things, it is safe to be in total presence with whatever is.

You can also celebrate Solstice with us tonight with the wonderful Samantha Akers and Jen Madrone in a special Winter Solstice practice and sound healing. May your day be merry and bright!

All my love,