Fall Studio News

We hope the summer season has been a time of rest, connection with the outdoors and your loved ones, and a much needed change of routine. Parking is becoming more scarce in Arcata as the University resumes classes, and we are really looking forward to the Fall season! I wanted to take a moment to share with you some studio news for this fall.

The Fall Schedule Starts Sunday Sep 1: Check it out online or pick up a paper copy in the studio to see what’s changed.

Auto Bliss is evolving ! The community has spoken, and you guys really want an unlimited membership that is simple. So we are doing it! Auto bliss is being retired, don’t worry, anyone currently on the package will continue to with their contract at $99/month, but all new memberships will now just be a simple monthly cost that you can either set up as recurring with the choice to cancel anytime, or buy one month at a time. Look for unlimited memberships for a sliding scale cost of $108-$200. Yay!

After 10 years of dedicated service, our dear Heather Dhyana is letting go of her weekly classes at Om Shala, to focus on a major project in her life.

We know this is going to break a lot of hearts, and yet we are all celebrating with her as well, because this is something she has worked hard for for many years. If you would like to catch her last class, show up this evening at 6pm and give her a hug and a word of encouragement, also happy to connect anyone with her business email so you can stay in touch about any future offerings. We also have a card at the front desk for you to sign.

I did a lot of thinking about how to proceed with these class times, and I’ve had worry about whether a yoga studio can survive without the super-popular Hot Yoga offerings. After a lot of consideration, we have decided as a studio to retire using space heaters and forced heat to offer hot yoga. We are not a space that was designed for this purpose, and it is quite costly from an environmental perspective. Our heating system is not capable of only heating a single room, and the result is that the entire studio is blazing hot. We feel that we can offer really powerful, effective and compassionate yoga practices, without heat.

On top of this, we are a diverse community with lots of great places to practice, but not every studio can meet every yogi’s needs. We want to give our hot yogi’s a big squeeze and also encourage anyone that needs an amazing hot yoga class, to check out Old School Hot Yoga in Bayside. Hot power yogi’s may also find that they really enjoy the Ashtanga-style vinyasa that is heated internally, with the breath. Either way, we love you Heather, and we will miss you and your consistently awesome presence.

Peggy Profant on Sabbatical:

We don’t want to over-look how much we will all miss Peggy as well this fall! We aren’t as heart-broken because we know she’ll be back in the winter, but this will be 10 years since Peggy has not been on the regular weekly schedule!! She is off to Peru to have an incredible adventure. Does that sound fun? Check out the November events: You can go with her! Liz Heffernan will be stepping into that lovely Friday morning spot, and we know many of you will be so happy to connect with her teaching again weekly.

Changes to Sauna times and prices

No Sauna on Saturdays: We need a day to deep clean the Sauna and do any needed maintenance, as well as offer private event sauna on some Saturday evenings. Thanks for your understanding!

We really want to reserve our Sauna for yogis who take class with us, to reduce the impact on the space and simplify our reception operations. For this reason, we will no longer offer $8 sauna drop ins. The Sauna will still be on morning 9am-12pm and evening 6-8:30pm, except for Saturdays, but you’ll just have to pick up a class pass ($10-20) and make sure you check in between 10-12 for morning or 5:45-7:30pm in the evenings.

Unlimited Semester Memberships for University Students, Staff and Faculty are back on sale!

HSU and CR students and staff can purchase an unlimited membership that is good for Sep 1-Dec 31 for $250 (students) and $300 (Staff/Faculty) These passes cannot be shared, and must be purchased before Sep 30, no exceptions! This is the absolute best deal we offer as a way of welcoming the university community to practice with us. Don’t miss your chance to get unlimited yoga for only about $60/month!

Modular Teacher Training and Immersions!

We are so excited about our new approach to teacher training. Our 200 Hour program begins November and is enrolling now, we are about 50% full and its only the end of August, so if you are considering joining us, come see us for the Info night this Sunday and find out what its all about.

We are also thrilled to be looking forward to Samantha Aker’s 2020 300 Hour program, beginning just as our 200 Program is wrapping up.

We are now offering most of the content of our programs as modular weekend workshops, that can be dropped into by anyone who is interested!! This makes intensive study so much more accessible from both a time and money standpoint. Don’t rule out going deeper because you can’t commit to a $3000 program, we welcome students at every level of commitment.

That’s all for now!! Much love to you all as you settle into the back to school routine. Never hesitate to reach out with questions or comments.