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Mindful Yoga for Back Care

Mindful Yoga for Back Care

Join Samantha Akers for this monthly back care class.  We will be practicing a yoga set for relaxing and strengthening the back (safely and skillfully), and rolling on therapy balls to learn techniques for at-home back care.  There will also be time for questions.  If you have an achy back, injuries, or are interested in learning back care for prevention, this is the class for you.

2:30-5pm $40 

No prior yoga experience required!

Early Bird $35 (by 6/19)

Mindful Yoga for Back Care
35.00 40.00
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Samantha (Sam) Akers, E-RYT-500, CMT, found yoga and massage when she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in 1998.  Her practice began with Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra and brought her such incredible healing, she knew this had to be shared with others. As she started to recover, she began to study more. Eventually, she was well enough to embark upon several training programs.  Sam's love of therapeutic yoga inspired her to open TheraYoga Studio in Los Angeles, CA. Her approach combines Hatha & Iyengar yoga techniques (with Restorative and Meditation practices) for a balanced and well-rounded experience. All weekends include morning meditation or breath-work, as well as buddhist philosophy and/or lecture for the weekend's topic.