General Studio Etiquette

The Yoga Shala is a community space that is dedicated to healing practices, deep introspection and relaxation. For this reason we ask that you observe a few simple guidelines when using the space.

  • Please remove your shoes before coming in the front door. Cubbies are located outside our glass entrance door, and for the security of your items there are also cubbies located near the sauna and in the practice rooms.

  • Please respect our cell phone policy. We are a completely cell-phone free space. Talking/Texting/Surfing should be done outside in the shoe room.

  • Please shower before class and refrain from wearing essential oils or perfumes to practice. Showers are available to use with class pass, before or after or both!

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before scheduled class start time to ensure you have enough time to check in at the desk and get situated in class.

  • Please do not bring food or drink, aside from water, into the practice rooms

  • Please be mindful of your conversations in the sauna, hallways and community areas and work to keep our atmosphere supportive of meditation and relaxation.

Guidelines for Mysore Style Practice and Donation Based Open Room

We believe that yoga practice becomes powerful and transformative when developed into a self-guided routine.  We are proud to host incredibly experienced Ashtanga Yoga Instructors who can guide students to use structured sequences to heal the body and quiet the mind.  Because our teachers travel extensively world-wide, we maintain an open-room weekday mornings for self-guided practice that is open to the public by donation.  Anyone can come and practice postures, pranayama or meditation during these times.  

Mysore-Style Intensives and special guided classes are offered periodically by Ashtanga Yoga Instructors during our Open-Room Class Times. These classes are not open to drop in students and require a minimum 3 classes per week commitment. Next intensive tentatively scheduled for May 2019

Please observe these guidelines if you plan to utilize our Open-Room. 

  • No unnecessary conversations or disruptive sounds and movements. Please enter and leave the practice room in silence.

  • Chanting opening or closing mantra is fine, just be mindful of others and keep invocations quiet and simple.

  • Turn off your cell phone

  • Please set up your mat in an orderly way, leaving space and a clutter-free environment for other students who may arrive after you.

  • It is recommended to allow at least one hour after eating before practicing, and preferably morning practice is done before your first meal. Drinking water during your practice is not advised.

  • There are primary series "cheat sheets" and a limited amount of Ashtanga practice manuals with photos available for your use if you need a little help remembering sequences you are working on--simply ask the front desk for assistance.

  • Suggested donation is $5 by cash or card at our front desk. Sauna and Showers are available before or after with minimum donation of $8. Students on an active unlimited studio membership need not make a donation to use the space.