Drop in Rates and Multi-Class Packages

Class Passes are shareable and expire six months from the date of purchase.  Sauna is included before or after class with any pass.. 

In the Spirit of Giving and Receiving

Single Class: Sliding Scale $10-20

10 Class Pass Sliding Scale $100-200 

Sauna Drop-in  $8

Mat and Large Towel Rental $2

We recommend $15 per class. Before you decide what you would like to pay, we suggest you ask yourself,

“What is my impact on this space? What is the benefit I receive from these teachers, the practice and the community? What can I offer, honestly, today, in exchange for the benefits I receive? Is it possible to offer more to ensure those less fortunate are able to join me in receiving these benefits?”

Great News! To serve the varying needs of our community members we are getting rid of confusing limited time specials and discounts that target specific groups. We believe that your financial situation should remain private and you should not have to “qualify” to have yoga accessible to you. Rather than having a complicated pricing structure with discounts for specific demographics— we are now offering a very simple sliding scale system for our regular Yoga classes. Pay what you can, anywhere between $10-20 per class. We hope that when you can pay more, you do, so that we can continue to pay our instructors what they deserve, keep up with studio maintenance and keep our staff thriving and happy to serve you.

Not sure what to pay? We encourage an average of $13-15 to really make sure we can cover our costs. When you can pay more, you help cover the person who is struggling this month and can really only afford a $10 class. This person will no longer have to reveal any details of their situation, and will feel comfortable joining us! We believe this spirit of giving and receiving will greatly benefit us as a community of practitioners.

Passes can be purchased in any number such as a five or ten pack (or even a three pack) No additional discounts are given for purchasing more than one at a time, as our sliding scale incorporates what we can manage to discount our classes to, to the absolute lowest amount, given our fixed costs. Yoga is not a big money business, but it has BIG benefits for our health and our community, please support us and the work that we do, and know that the people and organizations who dedicate themselves to teaching these practices often struggle to cover their basic monthly expenses.

Unlimited  Memberships

Unlimited packages include class and/or sauna anytime. To ensure our studio thrives, these passes are not shareable and we cannot offer extensions.  These packages always offer the best rates as a way of rewarding a commitment to practice and self-care.


Automatic Bliss Monthly Recurring Unlimited Yoga & Sauna $99  Requires a 6 month commitment

HSU Faculty and Staff Unlimited Semester Membership  $300

HSU Student Unlimited Semester Membership $250 

Semester Passes are valid for Fall Session Sep 1-Dec 31 or Spring Session Jan 1-May 31. 

Work Trade

We believe that healing practices should be available to all, regardless of economic situation. We kindly ask for the financial support of those who have the ability to give it, but we have many opportunities available to earn memberships and class passes with non-monetary energy exchange.  From cleaning, to laundry, to volunteering your time promoting our events, there is likely something you can offer our community.  For more information regarding work trade, please visit our dedicated work trade page